curtis wall lunt
curtis wall lunt

Garry & Ray had a very good season in 1984 winning 25x1st, the highest prize winners. One cheq. pied hen won 1st Chorley open on Saturday and then two days later won 1st Pendelbury open, both in head winds. She won £500, which was good money in them days. She was off our best pair of Paul Faucioners responsible for over 100 first.

Welcome to our archive and history of our partnership - we will give you an
inside look as to how it all began.


Alan Curtis, Garry wall and ray Lunt have been friends for more years than
they care to remember and have always been associated with all kinds of birds
and animals with a love for fishing, ferrets and always kept pigeons. The first
loft was an old air raid shelter in a Salford back yard in 1971 together with
another good friend Keith Steenson. In 1972 Garry visited an allotment where
fanciers raced pigeons and became friendly with Albert langslow and immediately
started to help out with the birds. Then, on the same allotment Garry met
another fancier, Malcolm Campbell and they really got on well together. So much
so that Malcolm asked Garry to go into partnership with him - at this time
Garry declined the offer but still helped out with the birds. Shortly after
this time Malcolm Campbell moved house and took his birds with him and Garry
also followed. Another meeting occurred at this time for Garry with an
association with Stuart Blake - the best pigeon fancier in Manchester. Garry
and Malcolm learnt a great deal from Stuart including how to fly the widowhood
system which was a new innovation at the time and Stuart was 'the master' of
his craft! Garry and Malcolm took heed of all Stuart’s advice and then put all
they had learnt into practice - the results were instant and to say the least
fantastic! Winning races including the prestigious Benedictine race with 18465
birds competing and at one point in the season taking 1st open in the big
organisation four weeks in succession!! - The die was cast and there was a new
force to be reckoned with in the north west of England!


At this time ray and Alan started to come round to Malcolm’s and Garry’s on
Saturdays to watch the pigeons arrive from the races - ray, who was married,
was looking to buy a house with a garden with a view to race pigeons. In 1980
Malcolm Campbell decided to move house again and so had to sell his pigeons.
Ray in the meantime purchased a house nearby to be near his work, which
incidentally was the same timber yard that Alan and Garry worked at. All three
then decided to go into partnership to race the birds from rays back garden and
the historic Curtis wall & Lunt was born!! What followed can only be
described as incredible results achieved by dedicated fanciers with fantastic
pigeons sending shock waves through the whole of U.K. pigeon racing!!!


Initially at rays the boys constructed their own loft using the joinery
skills learnt at the timber yard and set about looking for some good stock to
populate the loft -it was decided to attend the sale of G. Schelphorst where the
boys bought three pigeons of the Janssen strain. Next they attended the sale of
Paul Fauconnier where one pair was purchased and finally one cock pigeon from
louella lofts of the Fabry strain. These six pigeons became the foundation of
the stock loft together with six pairs of sitters so eggs could be floated from
the main pairs. In their first season as C.W.L which was in 1981 25 young birds
were raced winning six out of eight races. The following season with a team of
yearlings for the old bird racing and 40 young birds at their disposal for the
young bird programme the boys really made their presence felt winning 24 1st
prizes!! Local fanciers felt a 'tremor in the force' as news spread rapidly of
this new force in U.K. pigeon racing!!


In time the three pairs of original stock were responsible for hundreds of
winners - in fact three young birds from the Janssen x Fabry pair won 23 x 1st
prizes between them. At the end of the 1981 season Alan left the partnership
due to getting married and moved away from the area but Garry and ray continued
flying pigeons still under the name of Curtis wall and Lunt and this continued
for several seasons. Great success also continued winning on average 24 x 1st
prizes every season!! - included in these fantastic performances was a
tremendous 15 x 1st open in the big races into the whole of Lancashire a record
which still to this day Garry and ray are very proud.


Things were really on the up and up for the boys winning all before them in
club federation and open competition - they truly were at the very top of their
game - with this in mind they were never frightened to seek out more opposition
and to test their skills against the very best they sought out the south
Lancashire combine. In their first race they topped the combine 3500 birds
competing - which sent a firm message from the get-go, changing the face of
pigeon racing in the north west forever and heralding the new enforcers of the
pigeon game - Curtis wall & Lunt!!!


Curtis, wall and Lunt showing their dominance in 1993 winning the central
Lancashire combine from Rennes in France - and sending a firm message to all
the local 'top talent' that there is a new force in north west pigeon racing!!
The year 1995 saw the formation over three counties combine for channel racing
we won the very first race from Sartilly over 7000 birds and R.P.R.A. award also
2nd ace middle distance pigeon of U.K. award. In 1995 we invited les green into
our partnership and we started racing young birds on the darkness system and they
raced very well we flew at les' under the name Curtis, wall & Lunt as we
found it hard to change in clubs after a few seasons we decided to fly birds at
two addresses at les as Curtis, wall & Lunt and at rays as wall, Lunt &
green and over the years we were very successful see result pages but were all
way looking for new challenges and the opportunity arose for use to have our
birds on the roof of a mill in Oldham .Andy galley was invited into the
partnership so we flew as wall, Lunt, green & galley .we started with young
birds in 2004 stayed there for two and half seasons in that time we won 15x1st
in the very strong border amal. Inc 8x1st in one seasons up to 3600birds a
record. Andy left partnership end of 2006 in 2007 we moved back home as the
south Lancs. Combine was starting to get a decent amount of birds and commenced
with young birds in the third race of the season we took the first 35 in the
combine and that started the decline of the combine we raced the yearlings
there were we were combine champions in 2008 we moved again to a piece of land
at Whitefield and started with young birds and raced there till 2012 old birds
in which les left the partnership Alan Curtis has been helping us out for the
last four years so we invited Alan back into the partnership what we started in 1980
he said yes so we have gone back to the old name of Curtis wall &Lunt we
have moved our lofts to a farm in the beautiful Cheshire countryside hoping
this will be our last move p.s. Garry & ray. Are very proud to have won over 1000 x 1st in
our 33years hope you enjoy


Looking at our results and photos of the birds..........