curtis wall lunt
curtis wall lunt

Garry Wall & Raymond Lunt have been in partnership for over 30 years winning over 1000X1st

Here are some of our most memorable results from over the years. 1st Chorley
open 3 times. 1st Lostock open. 1st Bolton open 4 times. 1st Dane bank open.1st
Burtonwood open. 1st Bamforlong open, twice. 1st Kersal vale open. 1st Pendelbury
open, 3 times. 3 x 1st north west classic, 7 x 1 north west grand national. 3 x
1st three counties combine. First 10 three counties combine Combine record young birds first seven central Lancs. combine 5.460 birds .combine record, first 12 in fed 4 weeks
in succession. 9 R.P.R.A Awards and over “1000 firsts” in all competitions, we
hold many records in all types of competitions.