curtis wall lunt
curtis wall lunt

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Wins for other fanciers with our birds:

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G. W. & P. Macaloney have set Scotland alight with their pigeons and the super dream pair are responsible for many fed winners against over 7,000 birds.

Ian Cameron from pear tree farm has also won very well in the midland national flying club, with many top prizes won with pigeons from Macaloney from our line of pigeons. He actually won 4 x 1st section from 5 races flown in 2008 and he also won the midland national channel averages as well as winning 1st & 2nd section, 2nd & 5th open Bergerac 586 miles with them, 14 hrs 41 mins and 15 hrs 11 mins on the wing respectively and on the day of liberation.

Roy Seaton of Annan has won 2 x 1st Scottish national. The first with jimmy Mac from Newbury against 3,918 birds and again with his full sister Mari Mac from Maidstone against 4,193 birds. The two national winners come from children of the dream pair.

Derek flowers from south Wales has also won 6 x 1st welsh national with our bloodlines. Derek also won the coveted queens cup in 2011 with a yearling cock from our bloodlines.

Fell brothers, bob and Tim from lymm in Cheshire started racing only 4 years ago and were complete novices when they started. They obtained eggs from our widowers and immediately won in the club, fed and combine with them. The following year they were highest prize-winners in the fed and again won the combine on many occasions. In fact, 2011 saw them win 6 x 1st, 7 x 2nd, 5 x 3rd, 6 x 4th and eleven other prizes in the first ten of the federation. They also won the old bird averages, channel averages, combined old bird and young bird averages, young bird averages and the point’s cup in the federation.

Wolfendon and O’Neil bred the brilliant cock “wolverine” from our bloodlines. “wolverine” went on to breed “plutology” the most successful U.K. hot spot pigeon to fly in the sun city million dollar race for Crehan & O’Connor and subsequently sold for a record breaking r175 000.

Crehan & O’Conner have flown our pigeons to win in the federation on many occasions.

Geoff Farmer from the midlands has won over 20 x 1st prizes with pigeons from our bloodlines.

Dave Atkins from Leicester has won and bred winners in massive competition including fed, combine and north road championship club winners for many different fanciers all bred from our pigeons.

John Corris from Wythenshawe, Manchester has won many 1st prizes in the Altrincham federation with our pigeons. John has a grandson of the Merlin pair that has won more than 13 x 1st prizes and an R.P.R.A award.

Some fanciers who have won 1st prizes with our pigeons in recent years

John 'the farmer' Roberts. N. Wales, has one hen that has bred 12 x 1st
fed winners and a 1st, 2 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd, 2 x 4th and 5th national winners.

Fell brothers, Cheshire.

Wolfendon and O’Neil, Manchester.

Ian Cameron, Leicester.

John Corris, Manchester.

John Crehan, Manchester.

Geoff farmer, midlands.

G w & p Macaloney, Scotland.

Derek flowers, south Wales.

Roy Seaton, Scotland.

John Rainer, co Durham.

Dave Atkins, Leicester.

Graham Jones, trimdon village.

Mick Haslam, Bolton.

Anthony Coutes, Manchester.

Simon Toon, Doncaster.

Fenwick & Howard, Doncaster

Tommy Bradbury, Manchester.

Ernie Worsley, Manchester

John Benton, midlands.

Steven green, Manchester.

John Whitaker, Sheffield.

John Highley, Halifax

Jimmy Newhall, Manchester.

Fred Harnet, Essex.

Alan Nixon, Manchester.

Mr & Mrs. Fielding, Manchester.

Pat Halliwell, Sheffield.

Wayne & Dean Upton, Barnsley.

Lee Sullivan, Brighton.

Ron Mckelvey, Ireland.

Clive Harris, south Wales.

Michael Hughes, Dublin.

Adrian leach, Hebden bridge.

George Ferguson, Ireland.

Mike Thomas, north Wales.

Dave Wrenick, Newcastle.

Jimmy Bardsley, Manchester.                                                                                                             




The “Dream Pair” consists of Cheq Cock GB 97S 38757 (stock) bred by C.W.L. & Green. He is a full brother to their champion “Gold Blend” a winner of 11 X 1st Federation and an R.P.R.A. Awards winner in the N.W. Region.

Blue Hen SU 98L983 (stock) bred direct from C.W.L. & Green stock birds. She is nest mate to “Janefield Wonderboy”. In only 13 races this cock won:

1st fed 4,122 birds 2nd fed 9,025 birds

3rd fed 6,148 birds 3rd fed 8,411 birds

1st sect 1,999 birds 2nd sect 2,178 birds

2nd sect 2,269 birds 3rd sect 1,413 birds

4th sect 1,487 birds 6th sect 2,225 birds

The “Dream Pair” are parents or grandparents of the following first or joint first fed winners for G.W. & P Macaloney over the last 11 seasons.

1st fed 4,607 birds 1st fed 1,425 birds

1st fed 3,460 birds 1st fed 8,593 birds

1st fed 5,318 birds 1st fed 5,198 birds

1st fed 2,983 birds 1st fed 6,815 birds

1st fed 7,000 birds 1st fed 7,491 birds

1st fed 9,946 birds 1st fed 4,644 birds

1st fed 9,738 birds 1st fed 7,306 birds

1st fed 2,183 birds 1st fed 3,352 birds

1st fed 3,412 birds 1st fed 6,474 birds

1st fed 10,592 birds 1st fed 5,122 birds

1st fed 7,416 birds 1st fed 7,332 birds

1st fed 2,518 birds 1st fed 5,902 birds

1st fed 8,689 birds 1st fed 6,387 birds

1st fed 8,040 birds 1st fed 8,164 birds

1st fed 9,171 birds 1st fed 6,058 birds

1st fed 8,605 birds 1st fed 4,394 birds

1st fed 2,314 birds 1st fed 5,902 birds

1st fed 4,082 birds 1st fed 2,678 birds

1st fed 6,370 birds

The “Dream Pair” are parents or grandparents of birds to take over 300 federation prizes for G.W. & P Macaloney over the last 11 seasons alone. They are also grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents of countless of federation prize winners for others who have been lucky enough to have off spring from this remarkable pair of producers.

“The Dream Pair” are parents to 10 different birds to be 1st or joint 1st fed including the most consistent bird we have ever raced the “Amal Cock” winner of:

1st section, 1st open Strathclyde Amal 7000 birds

1st section, 1st open fed 8689 birds

1st section, 1st open fed 2518 birds

2nd section, 2nd open fed 5198 birds

2nd section, 2nd open fed 1238 birds

3rd section, 3rd open fed 2245 birds

3rd section, 6th open fed 9642 birds

3rd section, 11th open fed 8121 birds

4th section, 10th open fed 1970 birds

12th section, 42nd open fed 2639 birds

13th section, 26th open fed 7820 birds

“The Dream Pair” are parents and grandparents of birds to be 1st or joint 1st fed in 37 different races in the Lanarkshire fed, with up to 10,000 birds competing since 1999. They are also grand parents to 2 x 1st open S.N.F.C. winners, 2 x 1st open Scottish Central Combine winners and 1st open Grampian Combine winner.

This year alone we won 1st 2nd 3rd fed 2678 birds and 1st 2nd fed when Alex Blyth was 3rd fed 6942 birds all with grandchildren of the “Amal Cock” making them great grandchildren of “The Dream Pair”.

We have 7 generations of winners reported to us down from our “Dream Pair” from lofts all over the UK and their blood can be found in the following outstanding producers and racers:

Roy Seaton’s “Mari-Mac” 1st open S.N.F.C.

Roy Seaton’s “Jimmy-Mac” 1st open S.N.F.C.

Hamish Ferguson’s 1st open Scottish Central Combine

Tuck Hilly’s 1st open Scottish Central Combine

Telfor & Beatie’s 1st open Grampian Combine

Ian Cameron’s “Young-Mac” 1st 2nd 3rd 7th Section in the M.N.F.C.

John McFall’s “Little Pied” dam, g-dam, gg-dam of 1st fed winners

John McFall’s “Hat Trick” 3 x 1st fed

Alex Blyth’s “Dura” 1st West Section S.N.F.C.

Billy King’s “Countdown” 1st section 1st fed Eastbourne

Tam Blair’s 2011 North West Federation Bird Of The Year

We know of over 30 different lofts winning with birds down from our “Dream Pair”.




Wall, Lunt & Green


In the 2011 season four young birds bred from the two daughters of the "Merlin Pair" and from the full brother to "Miss Magic" won the Lanarkshire federation young bird average on their own, flying the six race programme: 1st Fed 6,370, 1st Fed 7,332, 1st Fed 6708, 2nd Fed 2574, 10th Fed 2498, 22nd Fed 4550 birds.


These pigeons have had a brilliant impact on already a loft that was setting records.


This line of pigeons has already had their impact on other federations out of the next generation of birds out of the original four birds.




08/08/2009 Otterburn 85 miles Cheq Cock SU09L3084 1st Sect 2262 birds 1st Fed 8164 birds


(Bred from a full sister to "Merlin" and "Blain")


31/07/2010 Otterburn 85 miles Blue Cock SU10L661 1st Sect 2080 birds 1st Fed 6890 birds


(Bred from a full brother to "Miss Magic")


21/08/2010 Thirsk 155 miles Blue Cock SU10L661 3rd Sect 884 birds 3rd Fed 2314 birds


(Joint 1st Fed when 7 loft mates took the 1st seven in the Fed)


21/08/2010 Thirsk 155 miles Blue Cock SU10L666 3rd Sect 410 birds 3rd Open 1094 birds


(Joint 1st Open with 7 loft mates in the young bird Open Duplication Race)


30/07/2011 Otterburn 85 miles Black Hen SU11L14918 1st Sect 1950 birds 1st Fed 6370 birds


(Bred from a full sister to "Merlin" and "Blain")


30/07/2011 Otterburn 85 miles Cheq Hen SU11L14946 3rd Sect 1950 birds 4th Fed 6370 birds


(Bred from a full sister to "Miss Magic")


06/08/2011) Kelso64 miles Blue Cock SU11L14903 1st Sect 2106 birds 1st Fed 7332 birds


(Bred from a full brother to "Miss Magic")


13/08/2011 Hexham 98 miles Blue Cock SU11L15069 1st Sect 1976 birds 1st Fed 6708 birds


(Bred from a full sister to "Merelin" and "Blain)


20/08/2011 Sedgefield 132 miles Black Hen SU11L14917 8th Sect 1326 birds 22nd Fed 4550 birds


(Bred from a full sister to “Merlin" and "Blain")


27/08/2011 Otterburn 85 miles Black Hen SU11L14917 2nd Sect 650 birds 2nd Fed 2574 birds


(Bred from a full sister to "Merlin" and "Blain")


27/08/2011 Otterburn 85 miles Blue Cock SU11L15069 4th Sect 650 birds 4th Fed 2574 birds


(Bred from a full sister to "Merlin" and "Blain")


03/09/2011 Otterburn 85 miles Black Hen SU11L14918 1st Sect 702 birds 10th Fed 2498 birds


(Bred from a full sister to "Merlin" and "Blain")


03/09/2011 Otterburn 85 miles Cheq Cock SU11L15070 4th Sect 702 birds 14th Fed 2498 birds


(Bred from a full sister to "Merlin" and "Blain")


 Mr Fred Harnett & Son.


First second third & fourth Essex Central federation, 5th 6th 7th & 8th 0pen Essex & Kent Amalgamation 3380 birds


Fred Harnett & Son have without doubt been flying a phenomenal pigeon in the Essex & Kent Wetherby amals. For instance on September the 3rd 2011 in the Essex &Kent Wetherby young bird Amalgamation Fred Harnett & Son managed 1st 4th 5th 6th Essex Central fed 3rd 8th 9th & 10th Essex & Kent amalgamation 4965 birds. It is also an outstanding achievement when you realise this 2012 Wetherby amalgamation is only Fred & his son’s second race this season.


Pigeon (origin)


Fred’s federation winner is a blue chequer two year old widowhood cock, bred from one of his Curtis, Wall, Lunt & Green stock birds


“Dan The Man” wins the Ken McConaghie Skibbereen Derby

The final race in the East Down Combine’s 2012 programme was the 2nd Derby race from Skibbereen which, as a tribute to the man who had done so much for the Combine and the sport of pigeon racing, has been named the “Ken McConaghie Skibbereen Derby”. It included the East Down Breeder/Buyer and I should have details on this next time but I believe about 5 birds were recorded with the winners being D & R Topping of Ballynahinch.


The race, scheduled for September 15th, saw a south west wind blowing which heralded another fast event. With the birds away at 10.15am it was expected that the leaders would be on a mile a minute and indeed this was not far from what happened with the leading 15 birds making over 1700 ypm. Only decimals separated the leaders, the first three being on the same yard.

The winning pigeon was to the Bangor partnership of Jim Burgess & Danny Brennan and this light blue cheq cock wins the race by about .05 of a ypm. Now called “Dan the Man”, this is one of the tamest young birds I have seen in a long time coming to Jim’s hand in the garden. A darkened Yb, he went to Skibbereen feeding a 7 day youngster on his own and the reason that he was feeding this youngster on his own is that the hen he was paired to had been found dead just a few days earlier having hit wires in the nearby Industrial estate; an employee of the local paper very kindly took the trouble to report her and through various channels Jim was able to go and collect her. So you can see why “Dan the Man” as a single parent was anxious to get home from Skibbereen. This cock had already raced well for the partnership having been 3rd club 1st Mount Charles and 11th club Fermoy. Bloodlines are mainly Janssen. The sire, a Janssen from Wall, Lunt and Green from “Astrid” and “Wonder Woman” lines, has a number of 1sts including 1st centre Skibbereen in a NE wind. The grandsire of “Dan the Man” is now the partnership’s No1 breeding cock and has many prizes to his name. The grandam of “Dan the Man” is a Huybregt from fellow club mate Cliff Stewart. The dam of “Dan the Man” is a blue hen and again a direct Wall, Lunt and Green pigeon out of “Stargazer” and “Gem 84”and she has already bred 5 club winners for the Burgess & Brennan partnership. They now have 5 generations of these birds in their loft and they are going really well. Looking on down the Skibbereen result, I see they were also 21st and 22nd open, 10th and 11th East